Likely Leather offers our very own and original - Hot Iron Branding service. Available to personalise your Goods & Gifts. It is the perfect way to make it your very own, one of a kind Cowhide item. All Letters and Numbers available. Likely Leather has been Hot Iron Branding since early 2018, it is a service LL is very proud to offer our customers!  

Please select the letter/s of your choice and 'ADD TO CART', than at CHECKOUT please 'ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER' explaining:

  • Position of Branding (Left/Right corner) 
  • Order of letters ('M' first,'D' second) or ('F' first,'P' second,'4' last)
  • Please make sure you have CLEAR instructions 


Due to our Hot iron Branding being FREE HAND you are agreeing to Likely Leather striving to achieve the best result on your chosen cowhide item. 

However if there is an "imperfection", or you "don't like it" or have had a change of mind - Likely Leather will not be taking responsibility and there will be no replacement or refund of monetary value. 

If you DO NOT state instructions for placement of branding - Likely Leather will place the brand to where we think will look best.

Please keep this in mind that you are agreeing to these terms when you are selecting your Cowhide item to be Branded.

Please read our terms/conditions and return/refund pages!