All Likely Leather products are made from 100% genuine natural leather/hide. Therefore, no two hides are exactly the same, making your cowhide piece an original. 

To best maintain and care for your cowhide product, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Avoid long periods of exposure to direct sunlight as all natural leather will fade overtime. 
  2. Avoid rough surfaces, again as natural leather will scratch and graze.
  3. If water damage occurs, leave in room temperature conditions to dry naturally for minimum damage.   
  4. Stay away from pens and any ink related objects, as most ink marks are extremely difficult to get off. Applying a leather cream will help avoid this to some degree. 
  5. There are many leather protective creams available, we strongly recommend applying on this on the leather regularly to keep your piece looking beautiful. 
  6. Always store your leather goods in a cool dry place, free from moisture. 
  7. Excessive hand sweat can damage hide.

PLEASE NOTE: That all hairy cowhide products are exactly that! Excessive rubbing may result in that hair coming away from the hide and can leave patches and BALD spots! Likely Leather takes no responsibly in the result of this. 

To avoid bald spots/patches, DO NOT have hide facing/rubbing on clothing, DO NOT chuck your hide onto car dashboards etc, DO NOT shove hide into back pockets of clothing.